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      To find out more, we invite you to please email us or speak with a company member.

Alchemy Theatre Company is a fiscal project of OneOC.

Fiscal sponsorship refers to a relationship in which one 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, in our case OneOC, shares its tax-exempt status with a project or initiative that does not have an approved IRS nonprofit status. This sponsorship allows Alchemy to receive donations from friends like you, which are tax-deductible on your end.

OneOC is legally and financially responsible for all of their fiscally sponsored projects and activities. Projects are not separate entities or affiliated organizations, rather they are a part of OneOC. Because they are an integral part of OneOC and not separate legal entities, projects are able to receive charitable donations and grants available only to tax-exempt organizations.

Think of OneOC as an incubator and outsourcing firm that handles the operational headaches. They provide all the financial, human resources, and other core functions nonprofits need. Alchemy is so fortunate to be a part of OneOC. To learn more about OneOC,please visit their website at

Alchemy and OneOC

All Donations Are Appreciated

​Donor support allows Alchemy Theatre Company to thrive artistically and focus our efforts on making an impact in our community.  Operating as a non-profit organization, our work is made possible through the efforts of individuals like you who not only donate money, but time and effort to our cause.  If you're already a donor, we thank you!  If not, we humbly ask for your support.  No donation is too small for us to give thanks.

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Forge a  transformative relationship with Alchemy Theatre Company.

Known for innovative and approachable productions, Alchemy is among Orange County’s most acclaimed arts organizations and is helping to redefine Orange County’s cultural identity.

A partnership with Alchemy connects your organization with an up and coming brand that is quickly becoming synonymous with quality and innovation. By aligning with Alchemy, our corporate partners demonstrate a commitment to civic leadership and gain access to unique opportunities for brand exposure, client entertainment, and employee engagement. Beyond asking for a one time donation, Alchemy is asking you to create a place for us in your world, and in turn we will do the same for you.  Together we can create customized sponsorship packages to fit the budget and interests of your organization.

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