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Alchemy Benefits and Experiences

  • Tax Deduction: Every donation is a tax deductible donation from our Fiscal Sponsor OneOC. You will receive both receipt and thank you letter in the mail upon donating to Alchemy Theatre Company.

  • Donor Newsletter: You'll be added to our Donor Only Newsletter, giving you behind the scenes interviews with cast and crew, pre-production drawings, and rehearsal updates, to see what it really takes to put on a theatre production in your local community and inspire yourself and others to learn more. Give us a chance to turn you into Gold; or better!

  • Yearlong Recognition on Every little bit helps, and we would love to list you among our thoughtful donors. You name and donor level will be listed on our website all season long.

  • Yearlong Recognition in Programs: We want to thank you for making Alchemy possible and we want everyone else to know we couldn't have done it without you. You name and donor level will be featured in Alchemy programs for the entire season.

  • Thank you from Alchemy Cast or Crew Online: When you donate to Alchemy, we make sure that our cast and crew know who is making the show possible too. We like to let everyone know that too. One of our actors or crew members from the current show will record a personalized thank you for our social media platforms.

  • Two Tickets to Winter Garden Gala: We will be holding an outdoor Gala at our Garden Space in January 2019 to showcase the successes of the prior season and to announce the 2019 season before any social media posting. Food, drink, and entertainment from our talent Alchemy Theatre Company.

  • Two Season Tickets: We couldn't put these shows on without you, so we want you to see them all. Two Season Tickets to all Alchemy Shows for the 2019 season including opening nights.

  • Toast at Winter Garden Gala: You've been so generous with your time, we'd like to give you some of ours to make a toast at our Winter Garden Gala. We would love for you to share why theatre, community, and Alchemy are so important to you.

  • Invitation to "Meet the Artists" Events: For every show we will have a "Meet the Artists" event to get to know the cast, crew, and producers of the show. Getting to know the people involved makes it all the more special when the show becomes a reality.

  • Invitation to Artistic Director's Dinner: Every year before we make our show selections we'll be having an Artistic Director's Dinner. Join us for a night out to discuss the future of Alchemy, throw around show ideas, and make sure your voice is heard.

  • Feature Spotlights on Alchemy Social Media: We want to make sure our social media followers get to know not just the people who are there during the run of the show, but also the people like you who make the show possible. We'll have our marketing team sit down with you and create a donor spotlight to ensure our patrons know a little more about the people who make Alchemy possible.

  • Pictures with the Cast at Alchemy Shows: Come celebrate with us on stage after the show. No need to wait for the actors to get out of costume and walk into the lobby. We'll provide a professional photo, right after the bows and have you take a picture on stage with our entire cast. We'll even have a costume for you to wear to if you want!

  • Donor Interview: We have a top notch media team who do video interviews in our studio in Long Beach. We would love to have you spend some minutes on film letting our social media community know why you donate to Alchemy, why Alchemy is important, or whatever else you have on your mind about our theatre community.

  • VIP Backstage Experience: There is a lot going on backstage during the show that no one gets to see. We'd love to take you backstage to any Alchemy shows of your choice and give you the grand tour with our crew and designers. They will be able to give you an inside look to what it takes to construct, light, and build the magic that goes into the shows themselves.

  • Executive Producer for an Alchemy Show: We want your full input on one of the shows for the Alchemy season. You'll have full access to all production meetings, auditions, read throughs, rehearsals, tech runs, and much more! Experience having a seat at the creative table for a show that really speaks to your creative soul.

There are a lot of ways to show your support for Alchemy Theatre Company!

  • Installment Giving

  • Stock Gifts

  • Tributes and Memorials

  • Remember Alchemy in Your Will

  • Matching Gifts

  • Volunteer Your Time

  • Provide Space for Rehearsal or Performance

      To find out more, we invite you to please email us or speak with a company member.

Alchemy Theatre Company is a fiscal project of OneOC.

Fiscal sponsorship refers to a relationship in which one 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, in our case OneOC, shares its tax-exempt status with a project or initiative that does not have an approved IRS nonprofit status. This sponsorship allows Alchemy to receive donations from friends like you, which are tax-deductible on your end.

OneOC is legally and financially responsible for all of their fiscally sponsored projects and activities. Projects are not separate entities or affiliated organizations, rather they are a part of OneOC. Because they are an integral part of OneOC and not separate legal entities, projects are able to receive charitable donations and grants available only to tax-exempt organizations.

Think of OneOC as an incubator and outsourcing firm that handles the operational headaches. They provide all the financial, human resources, and other core functions nonprofits need. Alchemy is so fortunate to be a part of OneOC. To learn more about OneOC,please visit their website at

Alchemy and OneOC

All Donations Are Appreciated

​Donor support allows Alchemy Theatre Company to thrive artistically and focus our efforts on making an impact in our community.  Operating as a non-profit organization, our work is made possible through the efforts of individuals like you who not only donate money, but time and effort to our cause.  If you're already a donor, we thank you!  If not, we humbly ask for your support.  No donation is too small for us to give thanks.