Relaxed performances are designed to make theater spaces more comfortable to audience members with autism, sensory sensitivities, learning disabilities, Tourette's syndrome, people who experience anxiety, or people who are not comfortable with the conventions of a traditional theater setting. Alchemy Theatre Company and its collaborators in the USA want to support and strengthen the sector to become more proactive and engaging.

How is a relaxed performance different?

Lights and sound are reduced to make a welcoming environment for those who are distracted or upset by startling sounds or light changes. We keep our house lights on throughout the performance as well to ensure a safe environment for the audience and allow for easy movement around the theatre. The use of mobile electronic devices is allowed during the performance, except for video and photography.

Why are you putting on a relaxed performance?

Going to a theater can be an overwhelming experience for someone on the autism spectrum, sensory disorders, or Alzheimer’s. Loud volume and sudden bursts of sounds, along with dark theater lighting can all be sensory overload triggers that keep some people from ever experiencing the magic of live theatre. We hope to provide a safe space for families to be who they are and enjoy a performance that is tailored to their needs.

Is this the same show you usually perform?

We maintain the same level of quality found in all of our performances.  The only differences include reduced lights and sound.

Can we come and go from the theatre as needed?

Absolutely! Feel free to come out to the lobby and take a break if needed.

Can I purchase tickets even if I’m not on the spectrum?

Of course! Relaxed performances are about an inclusive theatre environment. As long as you are aware that the technical aspects of the show will differ slightly and that this is a “Hush-Free” space. There will be a certain level of sound and movement from audience members throughout the show.


Relaxed Performances

Alchemy Theatre Company is proud to support Relaxed Performances.