New and Avant-Garde Productions a la Alchemy

The finished production, titled A STEIN IS A STONE IS A STAGE IS A PAGE: The Gertrude Stein Project, included voiceover work by local theatre legend Jill Cary Martin, as well as abstract sound and lighting designs by Runde and Carnevale.

Alexis Slear and Michael Renney in Stephen John's Thistle & Weeds, staged at Theatre Asylum's The Elephant Space for the Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2014.  Photo by Jesse Runde, all rights reserved.

The Gertrude Stein Project performed at Theatre Out.  Amy Newman, Christiana Elise Crabbe, Kirsten Dierking, company member Amy Gettys, and Patsy Arenas, 2014.  Photo by Jesse Runde, all rights reserved.

Alchemy Theatre Company's never-ending quest for a place to perform led us to the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2014.  Founded by Ben Hill in 2010, the Hollywood Fringe offers over 300 new and experimental shows over a three week period, and is one of the largest performing arts celebrations in the world.

For our first entry into the festival Jesse Runde directed Stephen John's Thistle & Weeds.  Set in World War II England, John's short play explores a moment in the life of a man who chooses to stay behind, a man who has lost so much that he can’t even be moved to take cover as the sky falls. 

​Meghan McCarthy's set design supported the ghostly quality of the text which left the audience wondering what was real.

Alchemy returned to the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2016, with a remount of our 2015 production of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot.  Featuring the original cast, except for The Boy, and directed by Runde, the show ran at Theatre of NOTE during the festival.

"If you enjoy it, you understand it."
 - Gertrude Stein.

In the fall of 2014, Joey Baital and David Carnevale of Theatre Out generously offered Alchemy a place to perform.  Alchemy Theatre Company assembled a cast of women to collaborate on creating an original piece of theatre based on the works of the famous American expatriate, poet, novelist, and modern art collector, Gertrude Stein.

Working with selections of text from Stein's Geography and Plays, and led by director Jesse Runde, the group devised a series of scenes that focus more on rhythm, cadence, and suggestion than literal explanation.​​

Devising New Works of Theatre

Experimenting  at Hollywood Fringe Festival