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Wade Williamson
Jacklyn Stickel
Jacklyn Stickel
Wade Williamson

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Peter Kaufinger on PERCUSSION

Peter is honored to be working with the great musicians and cast for Mr. Burns. He has enjoyed performing in musicals for the past few years as a percussionist. Beauty and the Beast, Bye Bye Birdie, and You're a Good Man Charlie Brown are just a few. Peter is a full-time student at Cal State University, Fullerton, majoring in Computer Science, but will continue to perform in as many musical opportunities as are presented to him.

Jacklyn Stickel


Tucker Boyes is an Alchemy Theatre Company Member, actor, and artist local to Fullerton, California. No stranger to the stage, he’s more acclimated to performing on sets than designing them, having worked as an actor in various spaces around Southern California. He recently assisted in the set design for the play “Tribes” at the Chance Theater in Anaheim under the direction of Bradley Kaye, and is hoping to learn and design more projects in the future. He would like to thank Jeff and Alchemy for their faith in his abilities, as well as his loving wife, Loralee.

Jon Sparks

Wade Williamson

STAGE MANAGER Kelsey Somerville

​​Kelsey Somerville is pleased as punch to be stage managing for Alchemy Theatre Company again. She has been working behind the scenes in theatre and live events for the past 5 years. Some of her favorite credits include The Wiz, Comedy of Errors, Les Miserables, Willy Wonka, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, I Love You You're Perfect Now Change, Into the Woods and Journey to the West. Kelsey is also the production stage manager for a nationally touring Beatles tribute band, Abbey Road. Kelsey feels so fortunate to be able to work with such wonderful and talented people, and she would like to thank her family for their endless love and support.  

Jessica Cosley is thrilled to be doing her first show with Alchemy Theatre. Having just finished playing for Little Shop of Horrors and music directing Wonderettes: Dream On, she is so grateful to be involved in the music for Mr. Burns.  Jessica also teaches choir and musical theater at Valley High School in Santa Ana, and is the music director at Brea Congregational United Church of Christ. 


Jeff is one of the Founding Ensemble Members of Alchemy Theatre Company and welcomes you all to this wonderful and fun show.  If you feel like you’ve seen Jeff in a prior production that you loved, just ask him after the show.  If you feel like you’ve seen Jeff in a prior production you hated, you are mistaken; that was someone else.  Jeff would like to thank OneOC and Costa Mesa Playhouse for this amazing opportunity and a big thanks to all the new Alchemy Company Members, his friends, and family, without whom, none of this would be possible. Jeff feels like he has been talking in the third person…

Ingrid Musa

Tara Pitt as  JENNY / MARGE

Tara is excited to make her debut with Alchemy.  Performance credits include Night of the Living Dead (Helen Cooper), Gypsy (Rose), The Toxic Avenger The Musical (Sarah), Into The Woods (Baker's Wife), Natalie Portman The Musical! (Natalie Portman), High Fidelity (Laura), Nine (Luisa), City of Angels (Alaura/Carla),The Last 5 Years (Cathy), Company (Amy), Merrily We Roll Along (Mary), and Proof (Catherine).  She has also been seen onstage at the Disneyland Resort (AGVA member) and around LA and Orange Counties as a cabaret performer.  Tara has also produced, directed, and choreographed for theatres and schools all over Southern California.  She is the composer for the acclaimed musicals Natalie Portman The Musical! and Christian Bale The Musical, both making their debuts in LA a few years ago.  Thanks to the wonderful production team, cast & crew.  Much love and thanks to her family and friends for their constant love and support.

Wade Williamson

Jacklyn Stickel

Hello, and welcome, to Alchemy Theatre Company's production of Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play!

The show you are about to see is not one that easy to stumble upon. I noticed it one day while looking for other design photos for another show I was working on. Something thought provoking but still inviting and familiar. I saw a picture of the Simpsons on stage; but they weren’t the Simpsons, they were the heroic myths of them, as if they had come from another dimension. I immediately needed to find out more and was able to find the script through Cory John.

The script is charming, demanding, and focuses on every kind of theatre. The show you are about to witness features some of the best actors in Orange County theatre because they must be the best to accomplish this show. Each actor must excel in comedy, tragedy, subtlety, extremism, world creation, singing, movement, and baring the human soul to experiences most of us would never dream of.

The show also breeds immense design creativity, encouraging the designers to create theor own myths of who these survivors are and who the Simpsons become for this new world that has no boundaries except the lack of electricity. The show creates fantasies and their own nightmares, ultimately pursuing the question of what remains when we are gone. The Simpsons characters make their mark on this world, but they are used in different ways, more meaningful ways. Words and emotions are used to get us through difficult situations, pop culture references once seemingly shallow, find new meaning in the hands of our new myths.

The Simpsons are all of us, and through them, we become the very myths in which we see ourselves; the young hero, the wise guardian, the fierce warrior. Through it all we truly need each other. In our own times of division and uncertainty, coming together is what every culture needs, whether it is the survivors in the play, or us just surviving our own day to day. Finding common ground can lead to great discoveries and adventures; even if… no, especially if, that common ground is The Simpsons.

Thank you for choosing to spend some time with us.  We hope you enjoy the show!

Emily Lappi as  QUINCY / ITCHY​​

Emily is honored to make her Alchemy debut with this beautiful show!  Some of her favorite past productions include: Heaven on Earth (Cindy, La Jolla Playhouse), A Christmas Carol (Mrs. Shelley, South Coast Repertory), Moon Over Buffalo (Roz, STAGEStheatre), and The Medea Project (Medea, Theatre Out).  She thanks Jeff for this amazing opportunity, Kelsey for always being a ray of light, her family for believing in her, and her friends for pushing her to sing and find her voice.  Nutsballs! 

Creative Team

Alchemy wishes to thank the following donors who have made our shows possible through their generous giving:

EB Bohks

Craig  Jackman as  SAM / SCRATCHY

Craig makes his debut with Alchemy Theatre and Costa Mesa Playhouse and thanks the cast and crew for this amazing opportunity.  His recent credits include The IT Experience in Hollywood, as well as Uncle Henry/Emerald City Guard in Wizard of Oz, Mr Pinky/Harriman Spritzer/the Principal in Hairspray, Flotsam in Little Mermaid, and Baron Van Swieten in Amadeus.  Previous projects include The MeetUp on (host and producer), as well as Miracle on 34th Street, Fiddler on the Roof, The Odd Couple, A Christmas Carol, and Dracula.  In addition to his work on the stage, he is a voiceover artist, host, MC, and writer/producer/director of videos.  He was honored to play the role of Richard in the upcoming short film The Greatest Thing.  This show is dedicated to Craig's family and friends for their continuous support.  Thank you and enjoy our show!

Wade Williamson
Dan Malarky
Loral Barlow-Boyes

Brooke Lewis as  MARIA / BART​​

Brooke is ecstatic to be a part of her first show with Alchemy Theatre Company.  Last spring, she graduated from USC's School of Dramatic Arts with a B.A. in Theatre.  'Fight on!' Some past roles include: Quincy/Bart in Mr. Burns (USC), Susan Blackwell in [title of show] the musical, Marta in Company, Olive Ostrovsky in Spelling Bee, Louisa in Six Degrees of Separation, and Daisy Hilton in Side Show. Brooke lives in Laguna Niguel with her family and would like to thank them for their constant generosity. She would also like to thank Jeff, Kelsey, and the cast and crew for their dedication to making this piece come to life. Happy Holidays to all! Brooke hopes you enjoy this "excellent" production of Mr. Burns, and invites you to eat her shorts. 

COSTUME DESIGNER Loralee Barlow Boyes

Loralee is a proud member of Alchemy Theatre Company and has been honored by the opportunity Jeff Lowe has given her. As a first time costume designer it has been a pleasure and a privilege to work on a piece that is rooted in reality but bursts into fantasy. She sends a huge thank you to the actors for their patience, especially Brooke and Phil! She would also like to thank her husband, Tucker, for always telling her it would work out, and a huge shout out to Mela Hoyt-Heydon for teaching her to make the sewing machine go vroom-vroom!


​Jon is proud to be a company member of Alchemy Theater Company. Jon came to the company through the works of Alchemy Du Fromage, the fundraising branch of Alchemy. For the past two decades, he has performed, directed, and produced shows all over Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Additionally, Jon is an accomplished wig master, having worked at Disneyland as well as many local theaters.

Bob Barlow on GUITAR

Bob is Bob. Bob has been playing guitar since he was a senior in High School. So by all accounts he should be much better than he is but he thought briefly he would play in the NFL (what high school footballer doesn't?)

Phil Neato as  GIBSON / HOMER

Phil is a handsome and mysterious man. If you'd like to know more about him you should take him out for dinner or drinks sometime. He enjoys steak and whiskey. Or perhaps you could take him for a short to intermediate length walk on the beach instead. Tell him how attractive and interesting he is. He enjoys that. A graduate of the conservatory program at The Second City, Hollywood, comedy is Phil’s first joy and he’s hoping to bring some levity to this post-electric world in his first venture with Alchemy. In addition to several sketch comedy shows at Second City, Phil’s other recent credits include playing Miles Gloriosus in Forum, Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd, the Sergeant of Police in Pirates of Penzance, and Robert in both Boeing Boeing and its sequel, Don't Dress for Dinner. Phil should probably also use this space to thank his family and friends for being so wonderful and supportive but, alas, he’s reached this bio’s word lim-

...What’s that? He has more space? 500 words?! 

Uhh, so apparently Phil has been afforded the room to potentially write a special, heartfelt, and personalized acknowledgement to everyone who’s been such a wonderful support to him over the really lay his feelings bare in an earnestly open and vulnerable way. Yep...plenty of room for that...lots and lots of many available words...But really, when you think about it, wouldn’t it be irresponsible of him to use all that ink in all these programs?  Because of...the environment and whatnot?  It would be, right? Eh, he’ll just tell them in person.

Jacklyn Stickel

***Please note this production utilizes fog, strobe lights,

and simulated gun violence within the action of the play.

This play is set in the very near future.

Then 7 years after that.

Then 75 years after that.​​

Brian Pirnat as  MATT / MR. BURNS​​

Hi, I’m Brian Pirnat, you may remember me from such roles as: Buddy Plummer (Follies), Dick (High Fidelity), Jerry Lukowski (The Full Monty), The Baker (Into The Woods), Bat Boy (Bat Boy the Musical), and Snoopy (You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown).  I am extremely excited to be making my debut with Alchemy at the Costa Mesa Playhouse, and to be a part of this amazing cast and show.  I would also like to thank my amazing family and friends for their unwavering love and support.

Amanda Byrdie as  NELSON / LISA

Amanda is thrilled to be a part of the cast of this show.  Her passion for theatre has been focused towards her education and educating others.  She is pursing an A.A. in Theatre at Cypress College. Amanda teaches theatre and dance to Kindergarten through 5th grade students with Active Learning in Santa Ana.  This year she set her sights on performing in community theatre.  She made her debut this summer as Eileen in STAGEStheatre’s Moon Over Buffalo.  Between work, school, and performing, she makes it work.  On or off stage, Amanda is thrilled to be back in her element.

Jessie Wise as  COLLEEN / MRS. KRABAPPEL​​

Jessie grew up in Norco, California, aka Horsetown, USA, where she discovered her love for theatre in the second grade playing Little Red Riding Hood in the school musical.  She hasn’t been able to stop loving the stage since.  Most recently she studied musical theatre at Fullerton College.  She appeared in a few of the college’s productions, such as American Idiot where she played St. Jimmy and in Look Homeward Angel, where she played Laura James.  She also had the honor of playing Elle Woods in Legally Blonde at the Grove Theater last summer. When she’s not rehearsing or going to school, you can find Jessie working with characters all over the Disneyland Resort.  She is incredibly excited and honored to share this stage with such a passionate and talented cast and crew.  She would like to thank her family and friends for their constant love and support.

Kelsey Somerville