Alchemy Theatre Company seeks to transform our environment not only by producing innovative theatre, but also by engaging our community on many levels with these programs:

· Community & Education Outreach: bringing high quality theatre to under-served communities and providing supplemental material to teachers to help present core curriculum through theatre activities.

· Professional Leadership Programs: apprenticeships, internships, and mentoring that allow theatre practitioners at all levels of experience to explore all parts of the process.

· Alchemy Actors Academy: workshops, intensive residencies, and private coaching for new and experienced actors taught by ensemble members.

· New Works Development: readings and workshops to assist playwrights and composers in bringing new works to the public.

Alchemy Theatre Company is devoted to advancing the art and experience of theatre in our own community through integrity, quality, and creativity. We look to create opportunities to work with the leading artists of today in an environment that is not only respectful, committed, and welcoming, but also challenges audiences and ourselves artistically to push the envelope of what can be imagined. 

We strive to treat our audiences and contributors with respect and cultivate a sense of communal curiosity about life through theatre.

We are a theatre with a purpose: to touch every element of production in a positive, motivating, and open environment by using innovative techniques, to craft productions that inspire, entertain, awaken, and elevate the theatrical soul.

Cellist Michelle Packman looks on as Alexis Slear and Michael Renney explore a moment in rehearsal for Stephen John's Thistle & Weeds.  Photo by Jesse Runde, all rights reserved.

Alchemy Theatre Company's Mission and Vision

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Company member Jon Sparks gives Glenda Wright the third degree in Alchemy's production of An O. Henry Christmas.  Photo by Robert Ladd, all rights reserved.